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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Indian Army Recovers 18 Bodies from Mount Everest Base Camp...

An Indian army mountaineering team has found 18 bodies on Mount Everest after a the earthquake in Nepal unleashed an avalanche on the mountain, according to an army spokesman.

Nepal's tourism ministry could only confirm 10 deaths, but spokesman Gyanendra Shrestha said that the death toll could rise, and that the avalanche had buried part of the base camp.

A powerful earthquake, epicentred in Nepal, today shook northern and eastern parts of India, killing 34 people and injuring about 100 others as houses and buildings collapsed or were damaged.

States such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal were the worst affected parts of India and massive rescue and relief operations were initiated on war-footing basis with Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself monitoring the situation and issuing directives.

Union Home Secretary L C Goyal told a press conference here in the evening that 34 people had died due to earthquake in various parts of the country. Of them, 23 died in Bihar, eight in Uttar Pradesh and three in West Bengal, he said. Nearly 100 people were injured in these states.

A powerful earthquake flattened houses and buildings in Nepal on Saturday, killing nearly 1,500 people as the worst temblor in 80 years destroyed the iconic Dharhara tower and renowned Darbar Square in the heart of the capital.
The quake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale, which was followed by 16 aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or greater, killed 876 people including over 250 in Kathmandu and left several thousands injured and hundreds missing across the country.
The earthquake around 11:56 am with epicentre at Lamjung, around 80 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu, had its impact in several cities in Bihar, West Bengal and UP and tremors were felt across vast stretches of east and northeast India.
It was also felt in Southern and Western parts of India, China, Bhutan and as far as Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Miraculously the famous 5th century Pashupatinath temple here was undamaged, while a number of old temples were razed. Several buildings, most of them old, in the densely-popu
At least 180 bodies have been retrieved from the debris of two-century old nine-storey landmark Dharhara tower in the centre of the capital.
Kathmandu's Darbar Square, a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation World Heritage site, was completely damaged in the quake which was the worst to hit Nepal and surrounding regions after the earthquake of 8.4 magnitude which occurred along the Nepal-Bihar border in 1934.
The army, the police and emergency workers were pressed into service for rescue of those trapped and rushing injured survivors to hospitals. Many of the injured could be seen suffering bleeding injuries covered in dust from the debris.
The daughter of a local employee in the Indian embassy died and his wife suffered serious injuries when a house in the mission complex in Kathmandu collapsed during the quake.
Nearly 125 people from Maharashtra and Telangana are stranded in Nepal after the earthquake. Around 80 people from Nashik had gone to Nepal for pilgrimage while 15-20 people were on a trekking expedition. 
Twenty-five tourists from Hyderabad, who are in Kathmandu, are safe. "Now, all of us are safe in an open ground, close to the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu," Gowrishankar, who took the tourists, said.
Hospitals were over-crowded with injured, with many of them being treated in the open outside the hospitals. An emergency cabinet meeting has announced 29 districts as crisis zones, the Home ministry said.

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Man Who Can Find Disappeared Malaysian Airline MH370!

An aviation expert has claimed that he has identified the wreckage of the missing MH370 Malaysia Airlines plane which went missing in March last year.
Andre Milne, who is investigating the disappearance independently, insists that he has located the wreckage between India and Malaysia in the Bay of Bengal. But he says he would need £1.3 million to find it, and hopes to crowdfund a project with supporters pledging  £6.70 each.
In a video appeal, Milne said, “This area is not being searched. I need your help in order to verify one way or another whether this is in fact MH370.”
Flight MH370 had disappeared on March 8 last year while enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board. There were five Indians on the flight. The plane is believed to have ended its journey in the southern Indian Ocean.
A year-long, Australia-led search effort in the southern Indian Ocean where the aircraft is believed to have crashed has so far yielded no sign of the plane.