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Monday, 10 November 2014

I Enjoyed Going Topless...!!! Read who give This Bold Statement.

PriyankaChopra's sister Mannara who Has Given Bold Seanes In His coming Film Zid Told that “ I Enjoyed Going Topless” While Talking To media read The Full interview 

Zid is Becoming viral & making waves, In media  thanks to its leading lady's topless stance on it.

Mannaramakes a bold entry with Zid.

After all, she's not new to showbiz and its trends.
Mannara is Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra's cousin, and she's try to become stardom like her sister. The young debutante Mannara tells Media why she chose such a sexy movie to start her career.

MannaraIs this Your Real Name?

My real name is Barbie Handa. I want to grow up a little and move from Barbie to Mannara.

Mannara is a Greek name, meaning something that shines. And, of course, we all want to shine in our respective professions. My producer Mr Anubhav told me,  I should change my name. Even Priyanka agreed.

Mannara was the right name because mr Anubhav  wanted the name to start with the letter ‘M’ because he is a big fan of Madhuri Dixit. My younger sister’s name is Mithali, so my mom was happy that the name starts with M.

WhyYou Choose ZID?

If you want to understand why I did a film like this you have to see the film. It has a wide spectrum of human emotions.
The character is Maya She is a young girl full of life; it’s about how she falls in love for the first time. Then you go deep inside the character and she looks dangerous and angry. There are so many emotions I could not say no to it & lots of variation That I loved it.

After the trailer launch Mannara is shinning?

I don’t know whether I am shining or not, but definitely the film is shining because it is number one on YouTube.

In just five days, it has got two million likes. So I am very happy. The song is doing really well too. The kind of comments and compliments you see on YouTube is amazing.

You have Been TopLess, done intimate scenes in the film. How comfortable were you?

For you, it’s a topless poster but when I was to shoot the poster I told my sis  that this is something Anubhav  wants to shoot.
I was a little unsure. Sis told me to go for it, but ensure it not looks unstable. I think it looks beautiful. The poster shows the dangerous, flirtatious, bold and sexy side of the girl.

I only trust my director. There has to be a certain level of trust and understanding especially when you know that it’s such a difficult character to play.

Priyanka was not promoting the film because she thought it was too ‘bold’. After much pressure from you and her family, she agreed to promote the film. Could you comment on this?

I don’t know about this. I spoke to her a few days ago she is in Los

Angeles on work and she congratulated me on social media. Parineeti talked about my film as well, during her promotions of her Own film Kill Dill, she said that she finds the poster sexy. We want to make the most of the opportunities given to us.

Priyanka has seen the film. She said that I have been correctly cast. She also said it looks like very intelligent cinema.

How close are you to Priyanka?

I am close to her mom (Mannara’s mother is sister of Priyanka’s father’s). I stay at Priyanka's

Priyanka’srecommended You to get Film?

I don’t think anyone will invest crores of money on someone's recommendation.They didn’t want a glamorous chick but someone who can act too.

KaranVir  is Your Co-star tell some abt him?

Karan has understood his character very well. He is old in the trade; he has done around 250 commercials. He is from a filmi background and he understands the technical aspects of filmmaking. He is a wonderful person to work with, down to earth, a true gentleman and guides you very honestly.

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