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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Veena Malik Pakistani HoT Actress Sent to 26 years in prison... from Pak Court..

Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khan have been  sentenced to 26 years in prison by a Pakistani court for condemnationof God.

Veena Malik Pakistani HoT Actress Sent to 26 years in prison... from Pak Court..

Right now Veena Malik is in Dubai, Speaking from their  Veena calls the sentence shocking."I did not know this was coming," "I knew there was a condemnation of God case for some time now but my husband and I had done no wrong. So I was never troubled by the charges.” Veena says speeking to media.

Malik clear & claims she took off to America to have her baby, as she had a complicatedpregnancy. she says, "My husband and I went to America to have the baby and returned to Dubai with our bundle of joy, Abram. My baby is my world now.”
The former actress seems shocked that such a seemingly harsh sentence came at a time like this in her life.
Veena Malik Added "I have put my colourful past behind me," she says. "I have found my happiness in life. My husband and my child are my world. So now this verdict is very disturbing for me."
Veena malik also says, “My husband and I had been invited on a show on GEO TV . We were just guests on the show where the religious quwallies  was being played. Those same quwallies had played on numerous other shows. We showed no disrespect to to the quwallies. I know how to respect my religion."
Malik says she and her husband did not dance to the quwallies.
The close up shown in quwallies are by camara man. So how we disrespect our religion.
In my case, there are at least a 100 FIRs all over Pakistan. I know I have admirers and well-wishers all over the world, so this kind of attention at home is nothing new to me, Lekin yeh kuch zyada ho gaya(this is too much).
Veena Malik Pakistani HoT Actress Sent to 26 years in prison... from Pak Court..
The order against Veena and her husband has come from a special court in Pakistan, and Veena claims she will fight it out. "We are going to file an appeal in Pakistan’s High Court," she says.
"I have a little baby and he has to be breast-fed. For me, to hear such a harsh verdict against my husband and me, at a time when I just want live a quiet life and enjoy motherhood, is too hard to digest," she says.

"I have always taken on every challenge. I am a fighter. I never run away from trouble. I am going to Pakistan in December to fight this crisis. I have been contributing to charitable causes in Pakistan since I was 14. I have always been a good daughter to Pakistan. Now please let me be a good mother to my son," she says.

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