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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Is ISIS Spreading Hands In India..... Read Report

Sad to See! Few Indian Youth of one Community Wants to Join hands with ISIS

 The reports of Indians joining ISIS came from Thane, near Mumbai, there are similar reports from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir as well.
The Centre has asked the states to keep a close watch on possible  suicide attacks by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria-inspired youth in big cities.
The latest advisory, issued about a week ago after a meeting of Intelligence Bureau officials and representatives of various Anti-Terrorism Squads from the states, underlines the buzz created by the ISIS among a certain section of youth.
An Intelligence assessment arrived at after distilling reports from across the country has concluded that at least 50 youths from various towns and cities of the country may have gone and joined ISIS, top sources told to media.
Most of these youth are skilled and semi-skilled workers living on the fringes of the mainstream, they said. Most of them were in search of an opportunity to go abroad to earn a better livelihood.
Self-zealot (katarpanthi) through social media and the internet, most found the ISIS ideology very attractive.
While those who have left are unlikely to return in a hurry, they have the potential to create a network of similarly motivated youth. It is from this breed of self-zealot, semi-skilled professionals that a potential attacker is likely to emerge, the intelligence advisory said.  
The targets could be chosen to create maximum impact. For instance, Kurla resident Anees Ansari, who was arrested by the
Maharashtra ATS in late October for allegedly claiming to blow up the BKC-based US consulate-affiliated American School in a Facebook chat, was reportedly angered by the US-led bombing in Syria against the ISIS. Ansari worked in a multinational software firm and had no previous criminal record. His Facebook post talking about the American School tipped off the cops.

Top home ministry officials said, the nationwide is alert to keep a close watch on ISIS-related activities, groups and individuals is likely to be on top of the agenda of the annual meeting of the director generals of police to be held in Guwahati in the third week of this month. 

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