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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Read The Promises which Make AAP Hero! Now its AAP reacting Time to deliver ...

The AAP chief will take Charge as Delhi's next chief minister on February 14, the same day, that he quit as CM in 2014. 

And just like 2013, he will also take Charge at the Ramlila grounds in Delhi. AAP the three-year-old party won 67/70 seats as against 28/70 seats in 2013. Rest 3 Seats won by BJP.. 

AAP secured 54.3% vote in counting so far, followed by BJP's 32.2%, Cong 9.7% and BSP 1.3%

1. No FDI in retail
2. Lowest VAT in India
3. Free Wi-Fi across Delhi
4. Installing 10-15 lakh CCTV cameras, home guards for safety of    women.
5. Making water a legal right, 20,000 litres free water to poor household per month.
6. Two lakh toilets, 500 new government schools, 20 new degree colleges, and 30,000 more beds in government hospitals.
7. To create eight lakh jobs, make Delhi a "start up hub".
8. Delhi Lokpal Bill, a Swaraj Bill to devolve power to mohalla level
9. Citizens Local Area Development (CLAD) fund
10. Second language status to Urdu and Punjabi, encourage research/study Sanskrit.
11. 200 acres land for affordable housing.
12. Regularisation of unauthorized colonies.
13. Homes for slum dwellers.
14. Corruption Free Delhi at all levels.


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