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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Know the Important features of President Obama Ride nicknamed 'The Beast'

Starting from Windows- The windows on US president limo are 5 to 6 inches thick, bomb-proof, and can withstand armour-piercing bullets. Compared to previous versions of the presidential limos, this newer model has more window space providing better outward visibility. The driver’s window is the only window that opens, at only 2.75 inches, so the driver can speak with secret service agents outside the vehicle.
The DoorsThe doors, are armour-plated and 8 inches thick–three inches thicker than previous President Bush’s limo doors. These doors are the same as a Boeing 757 cabin door. An additional safety feature includes steel overlaps between the seams to protect against bullets entering in the space between the doors and body.

Safe Interior - The interior of US president limo is completely sealed in case of a chemical attack. Another safety feature that may possibly be included on the car is a lock-safety mechanism that, in case of emergency, seals off the entire car similar to how a bank vault can be locked during a robbery.

Agent Driver - Driver is a CIA agent specially-trained for situations ranging from driving during challenging situations to regular types of mechanical break-downs as well as how to handle any emergency that may come up. The driver also has access to helpful equipment such as a communications system and GPS unit in his compartment.

Fuel Tank - The limo’s fuel tank is armour-plated & bullets proof. As a second line of defence, similar to race cars, the fuel tank on limo is filled with a special foam that prevents it from exploding even if it sustains a direct hit.

Defence Equipment - There are several pieces of defense equipment such as Night-vision cameras, shotguns, tear-gas etc.. are among some weapons are included. If Obama is injured during an attack while in the car, there are supposedly bottles of the president’s blood in case he needs emergency transfusions. Additionally, the trunk houses an emergency oxygen supply and fire fighting equipment.

Tyres - To protect President from bullets, spike strips, or any other device aimed at disabling the car’s Goodyear tyres, the limo is likely equipped with specially designed, Kevlar-reinforced, shred and puncture-resistant tires. If indeed someone or something was able to destroy the tyres, the car also has steel rims and a run-flat device so that if the tyres are disabled, the car can still drive at high speeds to escape any imminent danger.

Chassis - The car, commonly known as Cadillac One, but nicknamed The Beast, is based on a Cadillac DTS when it comes to style, but may be built on a truck chassis in order to support the weight of the car and all its special equipment. There is also speculated to be a reinforced, 5-inch steel plate that runs underneath the car in the event that a bomb is placed there.
President & Passenger sitting section - The area in which president and any of his approved guests ride is a space of both security and luxury. This section generously seats four and includes a glass partition that can only be opened by President Obama as well as a panic button for summoning help. While riding in the limo, president can still work and stay connected safely on his fold-away desktop that includes a laptop with secure Wi-Fi capabilities and a satellite phone with a direct line to the Pentagon.

The Beast Body - The body of the car is composed of a mixture of hard and soft material that work to halt and dissipate the energy of the projectile so that no matter what type of projectile may be hurled toward the car, the outside protection will not be penetrated. Typical materials used for these types of cars are a combination of dual-hardness steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic.

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