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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Catch the Latest Celebrities Couples lives in Live-in Relationships .......

Live-in, this word has of late become quite popular in India as well. And, it won't be wrong to give a little bit of credit to our Bollywood for this change. From on-screen to off-screen, the celebs in tinsel town are found flaunting this tag everywhere. Some live-in relationships merge it into marriage like Saif and Kareena's while others just end out with time like John and Bipasha's. Here is a look at some of our celebrity couples, who are still the best of roomies, and also a few who propagated live-in relationships before tying the knot.

Ranbir and Katrina are the latest pair to join the list of Bollywood couples who are in a live-in relationship. If the latest news circling around the B-town is to be believed the couple has moved in together in their new flat, in suburban Mumbai. It is allegedly the same flat that they had bought together a couple of months ago. But, their plans of moving-in together got postponed apparently because of Rishi Kapoor's illness.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma made everything clear about their relationship to the world very recently. It was during a match, when Virat blew a flying kiss to Anushka after achieving a milestone. And now if the reports are to be believed, the couple is planning to move in together. According to a leading daily, Anushka has rented a flat near her Versova apartment, in Mumbai, so that the young couple can spend more time together.

Virat Kohli, was quoted at a recent event as saying, "It is out in the open and we are not trying to hide anything." However, Anushka still seems to be preferring privacy, as she recently stated, "Being public figures, your relationship becomes a topic of entertainment for people, and for me that is not comfortable situation. It is something personal and pure for me."

Well, with reports of them moving in together, we are sure that soon their fans will have all their questions answered of whether they are dating or not.

For an actor who cares a damn about stereotypical “hero” roles on-screen, it is really not surprising to see him taking the unconventional path in real life also. On the talk show, Abhay confessed about his live-in relationship with Preeti Desai, a former Miss Great Britain.

Abhay Deol has even went on to say that he might never consider marriage. "I think marriage is a cultural thing, it's my opinion that nature doesn't tell someone to get married. I may or may not get married but I will settle down in a live-in," confessed Abhay.

Following the footprints of her brother, we have Soha Ali Khan. Actors, Soha and Kunal, have never been secretive about their relationship. Soha says that trusting and loving a person enough to move-in with him is a commitment equal to marriage. When you trust a person to that extent, signing the paper is no longer significant.

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