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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Important points what to share & what not in your Relationship !!

This you can do by understanding what it that your husband and wife is comfortable knowing. It can be anything from discussing about colleagues you are close to at work, office-related problems, disputes with in-laws, family members or talks about intimacy, physical relationship between the two of you etc. some of the things that you should not share with your partner. Not only does it hurt your partner's sentiments but also may lead to a problem or end in your marriage or relationship.

What to Share or what not in a relationship ! 

1. Share information about people at work. Not only will it help your husband or wife to understand them better but will also drive away insecurities if any.

2. Share little secrets. It's always nice to talk about what you and your gal pals are planning to do over the weekend or if your boy gang is planning a night out.

3. Share if you are planning to throw a surprise party for your parents or children. You can also involve your spouse or partner in the plan.

4. Don't give away passwords of social networking sites or bank pin numbers. Though you might trust your partner completely, it can be misused as well.

5. Don't discuss everything related to money. There are certain things that you should exclusively keep with yourself, no matter what.

6.Don't talk about an ex with your partner is not comfortable with it. It may lead to suspicion or problems in your relationship.

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